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Stratego Rules – Learn how to play Stratego

Stratego Rules

Stratego, a truly captivating and engaging strategy board game, distinctly has its roots traced back to the Netherlands in the late 1940s. With its remarkable inception taking place in the midst of post-war ingenuity and creativity, this strategic and tactical contest has since continually enthralled players of all ages worldwide. Seamlessly transitioning from its origins to present times, Stratego firmly stands as a resounding testament to the enduring, timeless appeal of skillful planning, adept maneuvering, and intricate strategies on the vibrant and ever-evolving battlefield of modern gaming.


How to win Stratego

To secure a resounding victory in the enthralling game of Stratego, your adeptness in concealing the identity of your valuable pieces and skillfully deploying their unique strengths stands as paramount. By adeptly employing calculated strategic movements and clever feints, you have the opportunity to deftly unveil your opponent’s strategic setup while simultaneously safeguarding your own crucial pieces. Employing these tactics will undoubtedly significantly augment your prospects of triumph. In the grand tapestry of strategic gameplay, the ultimate goal emerges with striking clarity: outwitting your formidable adversary to strategically seize possession of their flag, while unwaveringly preserving the sanctity of your own, ultimately lays the golden path to clinching victory in this intellectually stimulating and thoroughly cerebral contest.


  • To play Stratego, you need the game board, which typically has a 10×10 grid. Each player requires a set of pieces that includes a Flag, Bombs, and various ranks of soldiers.
  • The game is designed for two players, each taking on the role of one of the opposing armies. This head-to-head format allows for strategic battles between the opponents.
  • Understanding the ranking system is crucial. Each piece, from the Marshal to the Scout, has a specific rank indicating its power. Players must know how each rank interacts to devise effective strategies.
  • Concealing the identity of your pieces while deducing your opponent’s setup is essential. This requires a careful approach to placing your pieces strategically on the board.
  • Stratego demands a high level of strategic thinking. Players must anticipate their opponent’s moves, plan out their own moves, and adapt to changing circumstances on the battlefield.


The objective of Stratego is to outmaneuver your opponent and capture their Flag while safeguarding your own. Players employ cunning tactics to deceive and strategically position their pieces, aiming to expose the opponent’s weaknesses while protecting their valuable units. The game’s core goal is achieving a balance between offense and defense to achieve victory through calculated maneuvering and astute decision-making.


  • Stratego lacks a traditional scoring system.
  • Victory is achieved by capturing the opponent’s Flag.
  • Successful capture occurs when a player’s piece occupies the space of the opponent’s Flag.
  • The game centers around strategic movement, positioning, and deception.
  • The emphasis is on achieving victory through capturing the Flag rather than complex scoring mechanisms.
  • The simplicity of the objective allows players to focus on strategic gameplay and tactical maneuvering.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How is Stratego played?
    Stratego is played on a 10×10 grid where players arrange their pieces, including a Flag and Bombs, and take turns moving them to capture the opponent’s Flag.

  2. Can I move my pieces diagonally?
    No, pieces can only move horizontally or vertically, except for the Scout which can move any number of empty squares in those directions.

  3. What happens if two pieces of equal rank meet in combat?
    In case of a tie, both pieces are removed from the board.

  4. Can I capture a Bomb with any piece?
    Bombs can’t be captured except by the Miner, who can defuse them.

  5. What is the objective of the game?
    The goal is to capture your opponent’s Flag while protecting your own.

  6. Can my opponent see my piece ranks?
    No, piece ranks are hidden until combat occurs.

  7. Can the Spy defeat any other piece?
    The Spy can defeat the Marshal, but it’s defeated by all other pieces.

  8. What happens if my Flag is surrounded?
    If your Flag is surrounded on all four sides, your opponent wins.

  9. Can Scouts capture other pieces?
    Scouts can capture pieces by moving over them, but they can’t capture the Flag.

  10. How long does a typical Stratego game last?
    Game duration varies, but a typical game takes around 30-60 minutes, depending on players’ strategies and familiarity with the rules.