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Archery Rules – Learn How to play Archery

Archery Rules

Archery is a game that involves a bow and an arrow. The player is meant to hit the target with the bow. The player’s chance to win the game increases depending on where the bow hits on the target. The player who hits the bullseye, or hits close to the bullseye has a better chance of winning the game, depending on the score. Let’s learn about the emergence of archery and the historical purpose of the game before diving into the objectives and requirements of modern-day archery. The popularity of archery is so much so that it has formed archery rules, terminologies, techniques and has been formally introduced in Olympics.

Historically speaking, archery held an important role during warfares. It has been found in practice since 10,000 B.C, for purposes such as hunting animals for food or killing enemies in the battleground. However, in today’s world, Archery has gained immense attention from the masses and has taken the form of a competitive sport.

Now that you have a better understanding of Archery, let’s learn about the essentials that are required for playing the game.


How to play Archery

What you need

Since Archery is a game that is played in groups and involves sharp equipment so it
requires some essential safety wear other than the basic bow, arrow, and a target. Following is a list of must-haves when playing archery:

Target — A target is a circular board on which the player aims at. It has a bullseye in the center.
Bow — A bow is a curved-shaped weapon to shoot arrows with.
Arrow — Arrow is a thin stick-like thing with a sharp point.
Quiver — Quiver is a container in which the arrows are kept.
Armguard — When an arrow is shot through the bow, there is a chance that the arrow might sting the forearm — hence the Armguard.
Chestguard — This is to keep the clothes in place, so they do not interfere while playing archery.
Shooting glove — To protect one’s fingers while releasing the arrow.

The goal of Archery

Essentially, the only objective to achieve while playing archery is to shoot the arrows at the target. The goal of the player should be to try to hit the circles on the target. But most importantly, the player should know that shooting as close to the bullseye as possible increases his chance to win the game.

How do you score in Archery

Scoring in archery requires a lot of focus and training. To achieve a high score in Archery, the player should be familiar with the target board and ten different color rings on it. The outermost ring which is white holds 1 point. After that, each circle that goes inwards towards the bullseye increases the score by one point. It means that the innermost circle holds the value 10. Whereas, if an arrow fails to hit the circle, lands on the line, and misses the target then the player does not score any point.

Winning in Archery

In a simple game of archery, the player is required to hit as close to the bullseye as possible. This determines the highest score for the player and guarantees the win. If two players hold the same score in a game of archery then the player closest to the bullseye wins. However, Archery is played in many forms, for example, Competitive Archery, Crossbow archery, Ski archery, Darchery, etc., and each form has its own set of rules depending on the number of players and the game. However, an archery game is played as follows:

• Since it is a game that involves sharp arrows, it is extremely important to take all the safety measures before starting the game. Wear an Amrguard, chestguard, and shooting glove.

• Figure out your dominant eye. It will help you aim at the target.

• Make sure your posture is correct. Stay relaxed and focused.

• Take the bowstring. Arms should be steady and shoulder relaxed.

• Draw the bow. This step involves the use of muscles. Make sure the body is relaxed and aligned.

• Aim at the target with your dominant eye.

• Shoot the arrow.

• Study your shot, count your score and retrieve the arrow.


Main Archery Rules

Even though the rules are different for each Archery game, there are a few basic rules that will help you while playing.

• Signals play an important value in archery. These signals let the players know when to shoot, and when the round has ended. Archery uses a whistle to keep the players informed. Two whistles mean to approach the shooting line. Once the players are at the shooting line, one whistle is blown to signal them to shoot. The last and final signal comprises five whistles which mean to stop shooting and retrieving their arrows from the target.

• The target holds ten circles and each circle from the bullseye holds 10-1 value respectively.

• Archery rules suggest that if an arrow pierces through the other arrow on the target then it calls for the Robinhood rule. This rule states that the second arrow will score you the same point as the first arrow.

• Another rule in archery is that if your arrow hangs or rebounds from the target then it will score you the exact score where it hit.

• If an archer misses the target then there will be no score for it.

• Since archery requires aiming at the target, it maintains the rule that all the players should be equally distanced from the target to maintain a just game.


What will be the rule if my arrow rebounds from the target?
If you find yourself in a situation where your arrow has rebounded from the target then you score the point where your arrow hit on the target.

Is archery suitable for children under 6?
Archery playsets are available at toy stores that are suitable for underage children. Otherwise, children 8 and above can be enrolled in an archery training program. Find an archery class in your neighborhood.