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Boggle Rules – Learn How To Play Boggle

Boggle Game Rules

Are you planning to make a list of games you want to play at your home party with your friends? Does the list include all the tedious and repetitive games? Here is the solution to your problem in this review. By knowing the boggle rules and guides to learn how to play boggle game, you can add a more enthusiastic and creative game to your game list that is fun to play and will help you expand your vocabulary. By having Boggle game rules and regulations knowledge, you can play the game more effectively.

If you are good at making new words, the Boggle game is a plus for you because the person with more excellent vocabulary can score high and ultimately win the game. I plan parties for my kids and make sure that Boggle is there in my list of games because it is joyful to play and informative for the kids who have difficulty learning new words. In this review, you will learn how to play Boggle and the rules that you can apply to win this game.


Boggle is a word-making game that requires a minimum of 2 players. In this game, players are given jumbled letters, and their goal is to make as many new words as they can. It is the test of vocabulary. The person who is good at making new words has the chance to win this game. Players are given a total of three minutes. In this allocated time, they have to make as many words as they can. The difficulty level of this game is medium, and the age group that can play Boggle is eight years and above.


How To Play Boggle

Boggle is an easy game that only requires practice. It does not need any professional classes to master it. You must have a vast vocabulary to win this game. Once you know the rules, it’s time to gather your friends and start enjoying this creative game. While starting the game, cubes are shaken in the 4×4 grid, and then the cubes are revealed to the players.

Each player has a paper and pen to write down all the letters that come into their mind. The letters must be adjoining to the words horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. It is not permissible to repeat the word. Moreover, each letter is acceptable as long as it is present in the dictionary. Proper nouns will not get any marks like names and places. Words like water and ate both are different so that they will be considered as two words.

You will get a high score if you have presented more words than other players in three minutes’. Start the timer when the game starts and when the times-up, stop writing the letters. Cross-check the lists of players. Similar words presented in the list by two players will not get any score. The words that are not repeated in the list will be marked.

Boggle Requirement

You do not require many tools for playing Boggle. All you need is a 4×4 grid, cubes containing sixteen letters, and a timer. Additionally, you can have a pen and paper. You can also use Boggle game kit, which is readily available in the market. The game kit comes with a pouch having dices, a dome, a grid, sixteen letter cubes, and a sand timer. All these game tools will help you in playing an efficient game. You will have to score high by making new words in three minutes. The longer the word, high the score will be.

Boggle Scoring

The scoring procedure of Boggle is very convenient and easy. First of all, the list of all the players will be matched. The players will cut the words shared in the list of players. The remaining words will be marked in this order: the words with three letters will be given one mark.

The word containing five letters will be marked 2, whereas six will be marked three points. Moreover, if the word contains seven letters, it will be marked as five points. The word containing more than eight letters will be marked 11 points. So the more significant word you make, the more score you will get.

Boggle Game Objective

Boggle is a game that tests the creativity and quick thinking pattern of an individual. Moreover, this is also an educational game that allows you to learn new words and increase your vocabulary. It is also best for children above eight years who have difficulty learning new words. They can learn through playing Boggle. This game will give you joy and help in increasing your intelligence level. Expand your vocabulary while playing Boggle and be a master of this game.


Rules of Boggle

Boggle rules are straightforward and quick to learn. Once you know the rules, you will be able to start the game. The players are directed to apply all the rules strictly. You may find it challenging to learn the rules at first, but do not worry; you will learn them all with time and practice. The basic rules of Boggle are stated below.

  • The new word should not be less than three letters.
  • One score will be given to words that have the exact spelling but different meanings.
  • Letter/cube should not be repeated in a single word.
  • Cube with Q and U letter will be counted as two letters
  • The cube M and W are used for identification.
  • Names of people and places are not acceptable. Do not use proper nouns.
  • Words that are new and not included in other players’ list of words will be marked only.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you score in Boggle?
Tally the list of players with their words written on the paper. Similar or repetitive words will not be marked. The rest of the list will be marked so that the word with three letters will score 1, and the word with five letters will get two scores. The 6-letter word will get 3 points. The seven-letter word will get a score of 5 points, and the word with more than seven letters will be scored as 11. All the points will be added to get the final score of Boggle.

What are Boggle’s words?
Boggle words are the letters joined together to touch the chain horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Random words are given to the players on the grid, and the goal of each player is to make adjoining words to get a high score. The bigger the word, the more the score, and the higher chances of winning the game.

What words are not allowed in Boggle?
Proper nouns like names and places are not allowed in the Boggle. You can write any word that is included in the American dictionary except for the proper noun. Moreover, the relevant words include noun, verb, pronoun, singular, and plural words. Furthermore, the words within words are also accurate, like water and ate. Both are considered as two words and will be scored accordingly.



Trying new educational and creative games is joyful for kids and adults. We usually play games in our spare time and enjoy countless hours. In this review, I have introduced you to the new game Boggle that you can play and enjoy in your free time. In this review, you will find the details of Boggle, how to play Boggle, and its rules.