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Dodgeball Rules – Learn How to Play Dodgeball

Dodgeball Rules

Dodgeball is the perfect game to play on camping trips and during vacations. Whether it is a large group of friends or family, this chaotic yet fun game will have everyone jumping up on their feet in excitement. The exhilaration that fills a person during a game is what makes dodgeball so appealing to people of all ages. If you have a camping trip or a tournament coming up, and you are unsure about your dodgeball skills, I have got your back. With the dodgeball rules and regulations stated in this article, you will be ready for a game of dodgeball.


Learn How to Play Dodgeball

As the name indicates, the game of dodgeball is all about dodging the ball. The game requires a wide rectangular space, with two teams at each end of the court or playing area. 4 or 6 number of balls are present in the middle of the playing area, on the centerline. Once the referee’s whistle initiates a game, players from both teams run and grab balls and run back to their places. The main goal is to throw the balls at the members of the opposing team.

The players can either throw the ball towards the other team themself or pass it to a team member quickly, who then throws it towards a player on the other team. Throwing the ball to and fro is what brings fun to the game. In the end, the team that has the most players standing on the court at the end wins the game. A dodgeball match consists of multiple games. The team that wins the most matches wins the entire game.

Dodgeball Requirements

The first thing that you need to play a game of dodgeball is a wide court. The game can be played at a basketball or tennis court; the actual requirement is a rectangular court. In addition to that, a ball and an even number of players are also essential for a game of dodgeball.

A minimum of 3 players on both teams is essential; the maximum can go up to 6 or 7 players on each team. Similarly, you need at least one ball for a traditional dodgeball match. The number of balls can also increase up to 4; the more, the merrier. Another requirement for a game of dodgeball is that every player must be wearing rubber sole shoes that are tied securely to make sure no injuries happen.


There is only one objective when it comes to dodgeball, eliminate the players on the other team. Dodgeball is quite a chaotic game, in a fun way. The main goal in dodgeball is to hit the players of the other team with a ball and eliminate them from the game.

If the ball hits them and they do not catch it, the player gets eliminated. However, if a player throws the ball and a player on the other team catches it, the thrower gets eliminated. Moreover, along with throwing balls at each other, both teams also have to keep an eye out for the balls that the other team is throwing.

Dodgeball Scoring

A game of dodgeball does not have a point scoring system. Scoring in dodgeball is easy; if the ball hits a player and they do not catch it, they are eliminated. If the player catches the ball, then the thrower is eliminated. Players on both of the teams must try to eliminate the opposing team as fast as possible, without getting themself eliminated.

How To Win Dodgeball

Winning in dodgeball is easy; throw the ball towards the other team and dodge the ones that are being thrown towards you. The first team that gets completely eliminated loses the game, and the other team wins. Another way to determine the winning team is if the time is up and both of the teams have players left on the court, then the team with the bigger number of players wins the game. The team that wins the most games wins the complete match.


Rules Of Dodgeball

Here is the list of main dodgeball rules:

  • Once the game has initiated, the players can not substitute. They have to wait for the game to be over to add another player into the game.
  • Every player on both of the teams must be wearing shoes with rubber soles to reduce the chances of any serious leg injury.
  • Once a ball hits the floor, ceiling without hitting a player first, it becomes a dead ball. It can become a live ball only if the opposing team picks it up and throws it back into the field.
  • The sidelines and the centerline of the court are off-limits for the players of both teams. Touching it with even your foot will declare that player out of the game.
  • When the game starts, both teams can only grab the balls from their right side of the court.
  • In order to win a match, the team has to win most games. To win a game, the team must eliminate the players of the other team.
  • No kicking, pinching is allowed in a game of dodgeball.
  • If any player throws the ball towards an opponent and the ball hits the opponent in the head, the thrower will be eliminated.
  • Hitting the ball on the head intentionally or unintentionally gets the thrower eliminated.
  • A live ball can also be blocked by throwing another ball at it; it stays a live ball till it hits the ceiling or floor.



What is not allowed in dodgeball?
Hitting, smacking, or pinching other players is strictly prohibited in a game of dodgeball. Moreover, under no circumstances, the players are allowed to throw the ball towards other players’ heads. If the ball hits a player in the head, the thrower is eliminated.

How is a winner declared in dodgeball?
Declaring a winner in a game of dodgeball is easy; the team that has the most number of players standing at the end of the game is the winner. Another way to figure out the winner is that the first team to get completely knocked out loses the game, and the other team wins.