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Pictionary Rules – Learn How to Play Pictionary Game

Pictionary Rules

I wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Pictionary reminds me of charades with a few exceptions. The major difference between both games lies in terms of execution rather than results or rules. The charades focus on acting and require the participants to guess the answer by taking clues from the acting of the other person. However, Pictionary focuses on drawing out the clues instead of acting them out. So, here are some Pictionary rules and guides on how to play Pictionary.


How to Play Pictionary?

Pictionary is a highly popular drawing game that focuses on guessing the hints by drawing rather than acting or writing them out. The game can be played in two different ways. Either members of a team draw until they complete the drawing and guess the answer. Or, all the teams can draw at the same time and compete among themselves to answer before the other one. Such an approach makes the game more interesting and enjoyable.

A timer can be set beforehand that will ring once the guessing time is over, and the teams that fail to provide an answer/complete the sketch lose, and the one that is the first to complete the task is considered as the winner. The game can also be divided in the level of difficulty with more complex situations and interactions.

Pictionary Requirements

The major requirements for playing Pictionary are the availability of more than 6 people and a board set-up. There must be at least two teams to make the game interesting. However, in certain circumstances, team members can play among themselves as well. However, there would be no points in such a case. Furthermore, if a board is not available, players can be provided with paper and pens to proceed with the game.

Initially, each player is offered a token and a category card that can be used later on in the game. There are four different categories of the game depending on the availability of resources and situations. The categories make the game much more lively and engaging. The first category is known as the All Play category and allows you to use an expression or word to express the clues.

The second category is referred to as action, where players can draw the verbs. This is followed by the third category; difficulty in which complex words are used that might be difficult to express. Last but not least, the object is denoted by O and is used for nouns. Apart from these above-mentioned categories, some cards also display triangles. These triangles can also be considered as AP, or All Player as both of these are similar.


The main object of the game is to sketch all the way from start to finish until you can guess the correct option. The ideal method to do so is to complete the drawing as soon as possible. This will offer you an advantage over your competitors and will improve your performance significantly.

The first team that can complete the drawing is the winner, followed by the second and third positions. Players can use a variety of ways to draw and take hints from the clue cards. Apart from excellent communication, quick-wit and rapid response are other key components to win the game.


The scoring system in Pictionary is simple. The performer draws the hints and, on successful completion of the task, receives one point. The point is allocated to the winning team. Towards the end, the team that has scored the most wins. Moreover, during competitions, the team that guesses the first is usually the winner.

How to Win a Pictionary Game?

The game begins by asking one of the teammates to roll the dice. The highest one is allowed to pick a card and select the category. After drawing the card, you have only five seconds to think about the hint before you start drawing. Afterward, a minute is provided for teammates to guess the answer. In such instances, it often becomes difficult to manage the time. So, we recommend breaking the word or sentence into short pieces or chunks of information.

This will help you in drawing and will also provide important clues for other team members. In addition to this, you can slowly increase your chances of winning by preventing the opposition from cheating. Similarly, you must impose penalties if the other team is found cheating to get an advantage over them. Moreover, you should prevent cheating to increase your chances of winning the game, as cheating might lead to disqualification or penalties.


Rules of Pictionary

There are certain do’s and don’ts for this game which are mentioned below in detail.

What You Can Do

You can draw out pictures and hints related to the words.

  • Exceptional drawing skills are not necessary for this game, so you can play it even if you are not an artist.
  • You can divide the words into smaller sections and then provide hints regarding those sections to your teammates.
  • You can also write related words to draw the attention of your teammates towards a certain alphabet or word.
What You Can Not Do

  • You can not use letters and numbers in the game. Doing so would result in elimination.
  • You are not allowed to speak to your teammates at all. Speaking to the teammates would end in disqualification.
  • Signature language is also strictly forbidden in the game and is against the pictionary rules.
  • Acting out the statements is also not allowed except in a few conditions where you might receive an action card to act on certain verbs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need good drawing skills to play Pictionary?
We assure you that you do not need any special talent in drawing to win the game. Instead, you can drive hints from the cards and draw out the hints to help your teammate in identifying the sketch. Good communication skills and understanding with your teammates can increase your chance of winning and highly impacts your performance during the game. It is one of the most interesting team-building games I have ever played.

Can I draw dashes to hint at the number of alphabets?
No, it is strictly forbidden to draw dashes while playing the game. You can not draw dashes to hint at the number of alphabets present in the word. Doing so would lead to two possible solutions, i.e., either you would have to pay the penalty decided by the other team, or in the worst case, you might be eliminated from the game.

Is Pictionary Difficult to play?
No, Pictionary is not at all difficult to play. With correct strategies and understanding of your teammates, you can easily win the game. However, you must be fast, quick-witted, and a good communicator to be able to present the hints to the guessers. You might find it difficult to comply with the pictionary rules initially; however, with time, you will get used to it.