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Croquet Rules – Learn How to Play Croquet

Croquet Rules

Croquet is a very thrilling outdoor game that is very versatile in its action. The people of France first introduced the croquet almost around the 13th century. But later on, it became the favorite game of the upper-class community of England and Ireland around the 1800s. Outdoor games are always a source of enormous excitement and strength of body as well. There have been several versatile and unique outdoor games that are creating excitement among the people. One of these versatile and unique games is “Croquet,” a lawn game played on the outdoor lawn or in special courts. Like all other sports, there are some important croquet rules and regulations, that you need to know to play it properly.

Many of you might not be familiar with the actual playing activity of this unique gameplay. Let’s discuss it in detail so that you can add more thrill and excitement to your weekend plans. Go through the following content you will surely end up with a comprehensive understanding of croquet rules and regulations.


How to Play Croquet

Croquet can be played by two, four or even six members also, in a team shape. The player uses a mallet to strike his ball at a distinct scoring region.
When a mallet strikes the ball, it reaches its particular place or goal area, a point is added to the player’s chart. The ball might be of plastic or wooden; after aiming the ball, the mallet is used to strike it and must pass it through through the hoops before drawing into a distant area of the goal.


The hoops are embedded in the ground and have a central role in the playing adventure of the croquet. All the skill and expertise lies behind the passing activity of the ball through these hoops. Otherwise, the point will not be given or added to the score chart.

Setting a wicket or croquet has a specified pattern. From day one, it has been played in a “double-diamond” pattern. Wickets and skates are involved in the pattern setup. Two skates are set at either end of the garden court, and in the same way, the wickets are placed in front of both skates.

Croquet Requirements

Croquet is a handy game that requires specific equipment to play. The right decision regarding these equipment and court ratios makes a player half-expert of this sport because an appropriate choice of things will help the player play an exciting game.
Like all other gameplays, the croquet also needs some of the specified space, court ratios, and equipment, including hoops, skates, balsa, and most of all mallets.  

► Croquet set
It is of the most primary need of this sport. The whole set includes a 4-variant colors ball, 4-mallets. 6-hoops along with colored clips and 1-peg. Along with the pegs, 4-corner flags are also included in the croquet set to mark the end of yard lines.

► Court lawn aspect
Like equipment, the lawn where the croquet is played also has specified requirements. The length and width aspect of the kawn must be 35×28, and the yard must be marked appropriately with white chowk and lines to get a clear boundary. The fair edges (boundary lines) of the yard map are considered compass points by the players.
These are some of the essential requirements of croquet.


Once a player gets about the main objective of the croquet, most of the strategy becomes understandable for them. The game’s main aim is to strike the balls through all the hoops; after the passage of the ball through these hoops, the final strike of the player must hit the ball into a specific striped and thin pole that is placed beyond the last wicket.

Croquet Scoring Strategy

The scoring rule of croquet is evident and justified. You have to pull all the balls with striking action into the pole. For the proper understanding, the score table will count points only when all the balls reach the bar but passing through the croquet wickets set on the floor. All the score game is for the wickets. The round or turn will count fowl if the ball rolls backward and over through the wicket.

How to win Croquet?

To win in the rounds of croquet, you have to score 26-points. The team or the player who scores the 26-point first will be rewarded with the title of win.
In these 26-points, 12 points are from running the ball from accurately inside of the hoops. This expert approach can ultimately bring 12-points for you, whereas the 1-peg point is deliberately allotted for each ball running through the hoops. So the one who collects these 26-points first in the lowest time will be the actual winner.


Croquet Rules-How to play croquet?

Rules are the essential aspect of any indoor or outdoor sport. The croquet has several regulations that not only discipline the players but also make its interface clearer. Some of the significant rules of croquet are elaborated next:

▸ Which team or player is going to start the croquet? The toss decides it. The coin toss selects the first striker.

▸ The ball of croquet has variant colors. These balls have some specified usage also that has become law. And violation of this ball law will account for the penalty.

▸ Balls comprise the colors; blue, red, black, and yellow. It is played in the same sequence. For the single-layer game, blue and black is the color ball of one player, while red and yellow are specified for its rivals. Whereas in the gameplay activity blue ball partners with the black ball, and in the same way, the red ball will be partnered with the person who has the yellow ball.

▸ For every striking turn, you have to strike the ball with a mallet for one time only. But If you want extra shots, you have to earn them, bypassing a ball inside the hoop or as well as by striking any other three balls out of red, black, yellow, and blue.

▸ You are allowed to hit the ball with the head of the mallet only. Otherwise, you will be charged with a penalty, and your turn ends with zero points.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the penalty points of croquet?
The croquet player must play a safe play. Otherwise, he has to go every turn with zero-point. There are various situations in which the player charges a penalty. Like, if a ball rolls out of court after striking by a mallet, if the player hits a wrong color ball, if a ball goes in the right direction after passing through hops, and many more.

How the croquet game started?
The game started with the flipping of the coin by the empire. The winner of the toss is allowed to play the strike first. They have the advantage of choosing the ball set of their choice color. The game always starts with blue paint. So the player decided that the ball, strike for the first time, then was fooled by red, black and yellow in the end.

What is a mallet?
Mallet is a striking stick that is a kind of hammer used to hit the ball to the striped and straight pole, designated for the croquet balls.


The Final Statement

Croquet is a famous game all around the world. Because of its popularity, various croquet tournaments are held for its fans. Some fans catch the live actions of croquet on the grounds, but others who can not join its life can see its live broadcasting on tv.

Moreover, this sport is renowned enough that people follow its supporting sports pages to get the latest updates about croquet and its rules.
Even we tried here to cover all the playing aspects of Croquet Rules and How to Play Croquet? It is well explained above. After having a go-through read, you will have a basic knowledge of croquet and its basic rules.