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Sorry Rules – Learn How to Play Sorry

Sorry Game Rules

Sorry is a captivation board game that is played by either two to four players. This game is similar to Ludo or Parcheesi, which consists of a sorry board and pawns. These pawns come in 16 pieces (four each color) which should be played on specific matching colors on the board. However, the player who reaches all his pawns to the Home first wins the game in this game. By having sorry game rules and regulations knowledge, you can play the game more effectively.

Before discovering how to play sorry, get to know who and how the sorry game was initiated and its popularity.
Sorry was introduced in 1929, which was a trademark of William Henry Storey in England. It was firstly sold by a British manufacturer Waddington and then obtained by Parker Brothers in North America.

However, the game changed some of its rules with passing time, and one of the most notable changes was the diamond image, which is now located right in the center of the board, and its shade matches the color of the starting circle. However, it was not a significant but notable modification on the sorry board.


How to Play SORRY Game


For setting up the game, lay out the board. Each player has to pick a color and place their four pawns in the matching start space. Then, shuffle the cards and keep their faces down to take one on each turn. You have to draw a card and execute what it says, then keep it aside. You should follow the written rule on each card then discard it once you have completed your turn.

Purpose of Sorry Game

The main objective of Sorry is to take all the four pawns to the Home by moving it all across the board in a clockwise direction from the starting point. Yet, the player reaches all his pawns before everyone wins the game. But the game could get trickier as you proceed because there is a significant risk of getting bumped by the opponent, and the bumped pawn would go back to the start point, despite how long the journey has been. Therefore, it is crucial to learn the basic rules of Sorry to play it competitively.


Essentially, there is no individual scoring rule in this game. Nevertheless, the player scores a point each time he gets his pawn to the Home. The player will also get one point for each man if his opponent has brought into the Home. Moreover, he will get a bonus of 24 if his rival has a pawn home, 8 if no opponent has more than two pawns home, and 18 if no opponent has a pawn home.

How to Win the SORRY Game?

To win the game, you must understand the deck of the sorry cards, which are discussed underneath:

Sorry Cards Moves to Take
  • Used for starting out one pawn.
  • Move one pawn one space ahead.
  • Used for starting out one pawn.
  • Move one pawn two spaces ahead.
  • Transfer one pawn toward the next three spaces.
  • Transfer one pawn toward the next four spaces.
  • Transfer one pawn toward the next five spaces.
  • Move one pawn towards the next seven spaces.
  • Divide the moves amongst any two pawns.
  • You cannot use it to start upon, and if you use it to get upon home, you must be able to use the remainder of the move for another pawn.
  • Transfer one pawn toward the next eight spaces.
  • Move one pawn ahead ten spaces or move back one pawn one space.
  • Move one pawn ahead 11 spaces.
  • Exchange your pawn with any of your opponents unless that is in the start, safe or home zones.
  • You may forfeit your move if you don’t want to exchange places and can’t move 11 spaces forward.
  • Move one pawn ahead twelve spaces.
  • Used to start out the pawn.
  • Place it on any of your opponent’s space and bump his pawn back to the start.


Rules of SORRY Game

Below are some basic rules to play Sorry.

• You are only allowed to move upon out of the start space with a one, two, or sorry card.

• The pawn which is placed on the start space cannot be bumped by any other card until it moves ahead.

• If your opponent’s pawn is on your entry circle, you have the right to bump it back to the start.

• If your pawn is already placed on any space, you’re cannot place your second pawn on it. In short, two pawns cannot share the same room.

• Yet, if someone’s pawn is coming your way, you can jump over it and count it as one space.

• If your pawn is already placed on the required space, you are not allowed to move your pawn and your turn will lose.

• You must land your pawn to the home space by moving it with the exact number. If you land on the sliding triangle of another color, slide your pawn to the top of the slider. If your opponent’s pawn is already there, bump it back to the beginning.

• But if you land on the sliding triangle of your color, play it on specific spaces instead of sliding.

• Once you have travelled all across the sorry board and come back to your start space, you will move your pawn inside the safety zone instead of going straight. Player with a particular color is only allowed to enter his own safety zone.

• Once you enter your pawns inside the safety area, they’re safe from any targets or bumps.

• You cannot move your pawn backward to enter the safety zone.
Now that you’ve got to know about the rules, I hope this article remains useful and helps you a lot in understanding its principles. So, why do you wait to play this fascinating game? Bring your sorry board and beat your opponent.



Why are there no 6 and 9 cards in sorry?
Sorry consists of 45 cards, including Sorry cards and numbers from 1 to 12, excluding 6 and 9. There are no 6 and 9 cards because of the same shapes of the figures that can lead players towards the confusion.

Aren’t there any bonus cards in-game?
Of course, there are! The sorry game offers some special cards, including ice power-up and fire to boost up your pawns against the other players. The fire token allows you to bring extra pawns into your home space, and the ice token prevents your pawn from bumping by the opponent.