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Qwirkle Rules – Learn How to Play Qwirkle

Qwirkle Rules

Qwirkle is a simple and easy board game that anyone can enjoy – regardless of their age. A Qwirkle game uses 108 wooden chunks of different colors and shapes to create a fantastic competition. Primary-colored blocks are stamped with six geometric shapes to make it an eye-catching game for kids.
To maximize points, players can choose to simplify or strategize the more complex moves. To earn more points, align tiles of the same shape and color together. It is played by creating rows and columns of matching shapes and colors. Overall, playing Qwirkle is a combination of strategic thinking, creativity, and intellect. Susan McKinley Ross designed Qwirkle, which was published by MindWare in 2006. Qwirkle is a family game that won the 2011 Game of the Year award. Let’s learn How to Play Qwirkle and what are Qwirkle Rules.


How to Play Qwirkle

Qwirkle is a game of forming chains as often as possible when it’s your turn as multiple chains are rewarded. You should take Qwirkles as much as possible as they earn the most points. Extending chains is the essence of Qwirkle’s strategy as increasing the chain length is the best. Whenever you see a Qwirkle potential, you may discard the titles. To get the required tiles to discard immediately. If you don’t play your tiles, you may lose points; no matter how long you pass, you will lose points. There are only six different shapes with six different colors, so be wise during your move. You will definitely enjoy this Game after Learning all these Rules.


Following are the essential requirements to enjoy a Qwirkle game:

  • 2 to 4 players
  • Time 30 to 45 minutes
  • 108 blocks of different shapes and colors
  • A single bag
  • Instructional rule book
  • A pen and paper to record the score

The Goal of the Game

In this game, a player’s goal is to use matching blocks to expand the line and earn more points than their opponents. The game ends once all blocks are used.


According to Qwirkle, scoring is determined by chain length. As you make chains, you score. Every tile players place within a line earns them one point, regardless of whether the queue exists. To do this, draw lines consisting of the same shapes of the different colors or the exact colors of the different shapes. To begin the round, Player 1 plays a chain of length four at the beginning. They are awarded four points. From the original chain of tiles, the player has two chains and two more. The chain now consists of three tiles, placing Player 2 earns 2 3 points. The player gets an additional six points as a bonus for completing a line called a “Qwirkle.

Qwirkle score sheet:

Turns Player 1 Player 2
1 5 4
2 4 + 3 + 3= 10 5 + 3 + 2=9

How To Win

The tile draw is over after the game, and players can no longer draw tiles to replenish their hands. After the game is over, points are calculated, and the winner has the most points.



Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many tiles do you start with Qwirkle?
    As part of the drawing process, each player creates a hand of six tiles. Make sure you only see the printed side of each tile. It is a competition to see which team has the most significant number of tiles of the same color or pattern in their hands.

  2. Do you get extra points for going out first in Qwirkle?
    Yes, the player who has played all of their tiles first will gain an additional six points. If the player scores the most points, they are the winner of the game.

  3. Who starts first in Qwirkle?
    The oldest player starts the game if there is a tie. The game proceeds in clockwise order if there are no ties. You can choose different ways to move during your turn. Each line on the board can be filled in with one tile of a matching color or shape, or choose a new tile.