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Jenga Rules – Learn How to Play Jenga

Jenga Rules

Jenga has to be one of the most intriguing games in history. Whether it is a Saturday night with family or a dull Tuesday evening at college, a boring evening can be turned around with a game of Jenga. The best part about this game is that it does not have a limitation on the number of players. I am sharing all the Jenga rules, playing guide, and tips that helped me play and win this interesting game.

The thinner the tower keeps getting, the more chaotic and fun the game keeps getting. Removing a block without toppling down the entire tower is something that you will have to learn if you wish to become a pro at Jenga.


How to Play Jenga Game

Jenga is one of those few games that people of all age groups can enjoy. This game is ideal for people of age 6 and above. Moreover, what makes this game more enjoyable is the ease and simplicity of the game. To play a game of Jenga, all you need is a flat surface to make a tower from the blocks and a couple of players.

In addition to that, a loading tray is used to make the tower. Once completed, the tower consists of 18 stories, with 3 blocks in each story. Now it seems really easy, but the trick here is that every player must remove the block by only using one hand. This is the part that brings fun along with chaos to the game.


The first and most important requirement of a game of Jenga is to have a stable and steady hand. In addition to that, having a flat and even surface is also required so that you can stack up the pieces of Jenga and create a tower. There should be 54 blocks so that you can create 18 stories of blocks. It is vital that before the game initiates, each story must have 3 blocks.

Once the tower is created with the help of the loading tray, the game starts, and each player takes their turn in removing blocks. The height of the tower after the game begins is totally dependent on the player. Sometimes, it goes up to 36 stories.


The major goal of a game of Jenga is to remove a block from the tower without toppling down the entire thing. Once the block is successfully removed, it is then added at the top of the tower. Each player in the game takes turns in removing the blocks and stacking them on top of the tower.

The main focus of every player involved in the game of Jenga is to remove the block and stack it carefully, without the tower falling down. All of that has to be done with one hand. Using both hands will get the player eliminated from the game.


There is no complicated way of making a score at Jenga; the nature of the game is very simple. Keep pulling blocks out of the tower and stack them at the top without knocking the whole tower down. Make sure that you take out a block from below the highest completed story. The removal of the block can not be done from above the completed story. Once you successfully place the block at the top of the tower without breaking the whole thing, you can count that as a score.

How To Win

The trick that will definitely come in handy at winning a game of Jenga is to take your time. Do not make haste in removing the block; instead, each player should take their time in removing the block. Make sure you carefully select a block and then extract it slowly from the tower.

Once the block is removed successfully, then pick a good spot to place it at the top of the tower. Again, you have to be very careful while putting it down as one wrong move, and the whole stack will be lying at your feet in a second. Being careful and keeping your hand steady are the only two things that will help you win a Jenga game.


Rules Of Jenga

Here is the list of important Jenga Rules.

  • The player that builds the tower always takes the first turn. Then the game continues counterclockwise, and the player to the left takes the second turn.
  • The block must be removed from below the highest completed story.
  • Each player is only allowed to use one hand to remove the block; the usage of both hands for removing a block is prohibited.
  • If any player moves a block a little and does not wish to extract it, then they must fix it back to the way it was before touching any other block.
  • Each story in the tower must be made up of 3 blocks.
  • When a player is adding a block, they must complete a full story of 3 blocks before they can move to a higher story.
  • The player that makes the tower fall is the one that has to make the tower for the next game if multiple games are to be played.
  • Once you have placed a block on top of the tower, your turn is still on for the next 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, your turn is over, and the game moves on to the next player on your left.



How do you know who wins in Jenga?
Unlike other games, it is very easy to determine who gets to be the winner in a game of Jenga. It is quite simple, the last player that puts the block at the top successfully before another player topples the tower down is the winner of the game.

Can you pull from the top in Jenga?
No, the rules of Jenga are very strict about this; you can not pull a block from the top. You can only pull a block from below a completed story. However, there is no limit to where you get to pull from below. You can pull the block from anywhere, but it must be under a story with 3 blocks.