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Balderdash Rules – Learn how to play Balderdash

Balderdash Rules

Balderdash is a board game from the 1980s where players create fake definitions for hard words to trick others into thinking they are real. It is a popular choice for gatherings and game nights.


How to win Balderdash

To secure victory in Balderdash, adeptly blending creativity and cunning is pivotal. Craft plausible, imaginative definitions while strategically deploying fabricated answers. Employ persuasive storytelling and maintain a poker-faced delivery to outwit fellow players and claim triumph in this captivating wordplay contest.


  • Game Set: Balderdash requires a game set containing a game board, category cards, answer sheets, and tokens.
  • Players: Ideally suited for 3 to 6 participants, with more players enhancing the fun and challenge.
  • Vocabulary: A diverse vocabulary and knowledge base are advantageous, as players generate definitions for obscure words.
  • Imagination: A vivid imagination is key to crafting believable, fictitious definitions that can trick opponents.
  • Bluffing Skills: Players need to deliver their fabricated definitions convincingly, honing their bluffing prowess to mislead others effectively.


The primary objective of Balderdash is to deceive opponents and correctly identify the actual definition of obscure words or phrases. Players craft convincing fake definitions and submit them anonymously. The game’s challenge lies in fooling others into choosing the fabricated definitions while discerning the genuine one to earn points and advance toward victory.


  • Players earn points for correctly identifying the genuine definition among the submitted answers.
  • Crafty players receive points for each vote their fabricated definitions garner from opponents.
  • The player who provided the actual definition also gains points for each vote their definition receives.
  • Some editions feature bonus spaces on the game board, offering extra points for correctly identifying the true definition.
  • The player with the most points at the end of the game emerges as the victor, showcasing their mastery of deception and linguistic finesse.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many players can participate in Balderdash?
    Balderdash is designed for 3 to 6 players, but you can adapt rules for larger groups by forming teams.

  2. Is Balderdash suitable for kids?
    Yes, Balderdash can be enjoyed by a wide range of ages, but younger players might need some assistance with understanding definitions and bluffing.

  3. Can you play Balderdash with just two players?
    Balderdash is most enjoyable with more players, as it involves bluffing and deception. However, creative adaptations can make it work for two players as well.

  4. Is there a time limit for creating definitions in Balderdash?
    Typically, players have a set amount of time to create definitions. It helps keep the game moving and adds an element of challenge.

  5. Can I use made-up words as definitions in Balderdash?
    While creativity is encouraged, it’s best to use plausible words or phrases for your definitions, as the aim is to fool opponents with believable alternatives.

  6. Can you repeat categories in Balderdash?
    Yes, you can repeat categories, and this often adds to the fun as players come up with entirely different definitions for the same terms.

  7. What is the difference between balderbash and checkers?
    Balderdash is a word-based bluffing game involving creative definitions, while checkers is a strategic board game based on capturing opponents’ pieces through tactical moves.

  8. Can I use the same definition multiple times in Balderdash?
    It’s more entertaining to come up with fresh definitions each round to keep the game challenging and unpredictable.

  9. How do bonus spaces on the game board work in Balderdash?
    Bonus spaces usually award extra points to players who correctly guess the true definition when landing on them.

  10. Is Balderdash a standalone game, or are expansions available?
    Balderdash often comes in standalone editions, but there are also expansions and variations that add new categories, making the game even more diverse and engaging.