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Volleyball Rules – Learn How to Play Volleyball

Volleyball Rules

There are two teams in a volleyball game. Each team has six players that stand in the opposite direction with six different positions on the court. It is hard to find a sport more action-packed, energetic, and entertaining than volleyball.
In 1895, after its invention in Holyoke, Massachusetts, the game was initially known as Mintonette. It was originally an indoor game. Due to the sport’s growth, new formats and disciplines have been developed over different surfaces based on the same rules. During the 1964 Olympics, the sport made its Olympic debut.
Like every other game, there are specific Volleyball Rules to make the game fair and exciting. Let’s learn how to play volleyball, what violations we should avoid and the best positions, and how to change them.


Learn How to Play Volleyball

The strategies mentioned below will help you to win the game:

  • You must make sure not to lift the ball or hold it or let it rest entirely in your hand to make a
    tip legally
  • When the ball hits the outer arm of the block, wipe it off its forearm
  • It is almost always the case that the second player to touch the ball over the net wins when two
    players contact the ball simultaneously
  • When you’re in a joust situation, you should be careful not to push the ball into the opposing
    court too quickly
  • Be sure that your teammates know the opposing team plays man-up defense with a player playing
    right behind the block, responsible for picking up tips.
  • You should leave the ball if the net is too low or the ball is below the net height.

Volleyball Requirements

The following is the list of the equipment required in a volleyball game.

  • The Ball: Leather or synthetic leather is used to make balls. With a circumference of 25.6 to
    26.4 inches, their weight is between 9 to 10 ounces. They are available in various colors with a
    rubber bladder.
  • Court and the Net: Volleyball is played on an 18 x 9-meter court surrounded by a 2-meter wide
    free zone on all sides. The free area around the court measures two meters wide.
  • The Lines: Two sidelines and two end lines define the playing area, and courts are divided by a
    center line measuring 9 x 9 meters.
  • Cables and Posts: Metal cables and posts support the volleyball net structure.
  • Side Bands And Antennas: Two fiberglass rods extend 1.8 meters in the outer part of each
  • Knee pads, shoes, and uniforms are essential accessories for the players.


In volleyball, the goal is to hit the volleyball across the net while running in the middle of the court. The players use their hands and try to see that the ball should bounce in the half of your opponent’s court.
Likewise, the other team’s goal is to avoid bouncing the ball before returning it.

Volleyball Scoring

In volleyball, the process of scoring has changed over time, as well as being pretty straightforward. In volleyball, there are two types of scoring. The side-out scoring system allows you to score only after serving the ball. At the top levels of competition, rally scoring replaces side-out scoring, which gives teams points regardless of whether they serve the ball or not.
It is crucial that a team wins three out of five sets to win the game. The first team to earn 25 points wins each set if they surpass the other team by two points.

How to win Volleyball

There are five sets in a match. After playing for a 25-point limit for the first four sets, the final set is played for 15 points. To win a set, a team needs a two-point lead. Sets are played until one team gains a two-point advantage over the other.




What are the steps to play volleyball?
First, form two teams by gathering the players. Then the toss will decide which team will serve the ball. If you are the opponent, return the ball. A game of back-and-forth is played until one team scores or the other team causes a fault.

What are the basic rules of volleyball?

  • Each team has six players, with three on the front row and three on the back row.
  • Each side may only hit three times.
  • A ball cannot be struck twice in a row.

Can you kick the ball in volleyball?
There is no problem with kicking the ball as it is a legal action. If the ball contacts the player’s body in a legal manner, any part of it can make contact with the ball.