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Uno Rules – Learn How to Play UNO

UNO Rules

Uno undoubtedly is one of the most popular card games played across different countries. The game is pretty much simple and you can easily learn it with a few practice sessions. So, basically what happens in uno card game is that you have to match and discard the cards according to the Uno rules and regulations. At least 2 players are required for Uno and the one who discards all cards wins the game.

Since its introduction, Uno has got many spinoffs and variations. But, today, we will focus on understanding the basics of this game. Give this article a thorough read if you want to play or even more stand a chance to win the game on your first try!


How To Play Uno

As we mentioned before, learning to play Uno is not as difficult as you might think. The card game has a basic set of requirements, rules, and regulations, as well as some objectives that you need to understand carefully.

Uno Requirements

First things first, you will need a complete deck of Uno cards. You can purchase the complete set from an online retailer or an offline shop as per your personal preference. Next, Uno cannot be played solo. You will need at least one other player to play the game according to the uno rules.

Good thing about this game is the more the number of players, the more exciting it gets. Up to 10 players are allowed to play this fun game in a single go. Although there is no age restriction for playing Uno, players with an age of 7 and above can understand and play it quite easily.

Apart from these basic requirements, we will now discuss the overall setup of the game!
After shuffling the deck or stack of cards properly, one player distributes 7 cards each to other players. In the meanwhile, the remaining cards become a piled stack and you have to keep them in the middle or somewhere where all players can access them easily.

Make sure that the face of the cards is down. After placing the draw pile, one player picks up the drawcard and places it nearby and that’s how the FUN begins!


In Uno, the primary goal for a player is to empty the cards in his/her hands faster than the other players. Now you may think that emptying the cards is a piece of cake since a player gets only 7 cards. But, this is where the fun begins!
The players must match the cards with the discard pile in three different ways, i.e., through the color, through the number, and action. Let us explain it in simple words:

As per uno rules, if the first card from discard pile is a yellow 5, you will either have to place a yellow card on it or a card with the same number. Similarly, you can also change the color of the discard pile according to your preference by playing the wild card.

What if a player does not possess the card from discard pile?
Well, in that case, you must draw a card from the discard pile and see whether it matches the color or number or not. Even if you want to skip your turn, you will have to draw a card from the pile and then give your turn to next player.

Each player who places matched cards first and shouts Uno before matching the last card wins the game followed by other players. That’s the main objective of Uno and that’s how you can play it as a beginner.

How to Win Uno?

Winning the game might seem quite simple in the start but when you start understanding it, the game will look more difficult to you. The trick of winning lies in how you play the special or actionable cards. While playing Uno, keep track of how many actionable cards you get and find a good time to utilize them.
The special action cards include:

Reverse Card
Playing this card reverses the direction of gameplay from clockwise to counterclockwise.
However, it will work only when the reverse card matches in color with the discard pile card.
If it’s the first card from the discard pile, the next turn would be played by the player on the right of the dealer. (In normal cases the player on the left of dealer continues the play.)

Skip Card
Another action card is a skip card. Playing it means the player who has next turn will lose it forcefully.
Yet again, you can only play this card if it matches the color of the discard pile’s card.
When it occurs at the beginning of the gameplay, the player sitting next to the left side of the dealer will automatically lose his/her turn.

Draw Two Card
You can easily rattle your opponent with the draw two cards. After you play the card, the player with next turn must take two cards from discard pile and will lose the turn as well.
The card is playable only when its color matches the color of the discard pile. You can also play it on another draw two card. If the first card from the discard pile is draw two, the dealer or first player has to pick up two cards and skip the turn at the same time.

Wild Card
Used mainly for changing the color of the gameplay, you can place a wild card on any card regardless of the color or number. Most players play this card when they have got one dominant color in their 7-card pick and they have to empty them accordingly. If it comes at the beginning of the game, the first player has to choose the color he/she wants for the game to be continued accordingly.

Wild Draw Four
The wildest of all cards indeed!
Just like the simple wild card, you can play this one anytime you want.
After you play it, the player with next turn must draw 4 cards from discard pile and will have to forfeit the turn at the same time.
You can utilize this card, especially when you see that the opponent player does not have many cards left.
In summary, the proper placement of actionable cards could guarantee you win and you will become good at using them with more practice.


Rules of Uno

Here is the list of main Uno rules:
▸ At least two players and up to 10 players are allowed to play the game.

▸ The dealer will get the first turn followed by the player sitting next on the right side.

▸ Uno is played in a clockwise direction until someone plays a reverse card and in that case, it starts running counterclockwise.

▸ The first player to empty all the cards wins the game followed by other players.

▸ With the last card left, a player must shout Uno before placing it, or else they will be penalized with drawing 4 cards from the discard pile and forfeiting the turn.

▸ Reverse, Skip and Draw Two cards are played only when their color matches the color of the card placed near the deck.

▸ Wild and Wild Draw Four cards could be played regardless of the color or number matching.

▸ You can place normal cards only when their color or number matches.

▸ The last player left with the cards is the loser.



What is Uno?
Uno is a popular card game played mostly to kill the time and to entertain friends or family members. The game has many interesting rules and it needs proper understanding before you start playing it.

Can I skip a turn without picking a card?
You cannot skip a turn without picking a card from the discard pile. Anyone who skips picking the card is penalized according to the rules set by other players at that time.

How many cards are there in Uno deck?
Normally, the Uno deck consists of 108 cards. However, the number of cards may vary from where you buy the deck. Some shops sell a deck of 112 cards with extra wild four cards as well to increase the suspense and entertainment in the game.


Final Words

The Uno is one of the most popular card games and a perfect way to kill boredom and extra time. You can play this game with your friends, family, and even your children and enjoy your time with them. Just follow the basic guidelines that we have mentioned above and refrain from cheating or else you will get penalized with some amazing tasks set by other players.
Good Luck!!