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Ultimate Frisbee Rules – Learn How to Play Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee Rules

Ultimate Frisbee is one of those few sports that have been passed down through generations. It has not only been passed down but Ultimate Frisbee has also been loved by every generation. Ultimate frisbee rules are quite easy and the general simplicity of the game is one of the reasons for the game being so beloved.

As this game is even played on an international level, it is best to familiarize yourself with the ultimate frisbee rules and regulations. I personally learned how to play Ultimate Frisbee in my late teen years, as it is never too late. I am sharing all the information about Ultimate Frisbee that I have learned in all these years. However, in simpler words so that even the younger readers can understand it easily.


How to Play Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is one of the most popular sports, especially among college and high school students. The game consists of two teams; each team throws the frisbee disc towards their team members till one of them catches it in the opposing team’s end zone.

The game lasts for about 36 minutes, divided into half. The halftime starts after 18 minutes and lasts for 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes break, the game is resumed and lasts another 18 minutes. At the end of the game, whichever team manages to score more points is declared the winner of the game.

Requirements of Ultimate Frisbee

The one thing that you need to play a game of Ultimate Frisbee is the frisbee disc itself. It is a wide flat disc that can be tossed around the field. Moreover, to play a game of Ultimate Frisbee and enjoy it to a full extent, you need to play in a wide-open space, preferably a field. The size of the field is 70 yards long and 40 yards wide. There are end zones on both sides of the field for both teams. Each end zone is 20 yards deep. Moreover, the ideal number of players for a game of Ultimate Frisbee is 14, with 7 on each team.


The major objective of a game of Ultimate Frisbee is to throw the frisbee disc around the field from one player to another. However, some objectives vary for the team of offense and defense. The offense team’s primary objective is to make as many points as possible without any foul or prohibited act.

As we know, a point is scored when the frisbee disc is passed from one team member to the other, all the way to the end zone. The goal of the defense is to stop the frisbee disc mid-way before a player of offense catches it. Once a player from the defense catches the frisbee disc, that team then becomes the offense.

Ultimate Frisbee Scoring

The players of both teams disperse on the entire field. Each player throws the frisbee disk towards their own team players. The player must catch the frisbee and throw it towards another player on the team. The throw must be done in a time span of 10 seconds. The frisbee disc is thrown till someone on the team catches the frisbee in the end zone of the other team.

One catch equals one goal, which is one point. To make a score, it is essential that a team player must catch the frisbee in the end zone. Once the offense team earns a point, the second point starts with all the players of each team lining up and standing at the front of both end zones. The defending team throws the disc towards the offending team, and the game is resumed.

How To Win Ultimate Frisbee

To win a game of Ultimate Frisbee, you need team participation and a strong arm that can throw the frisbee disc properly. In addition to that, each team must score more points than the other team to win. A point can only be scored if a player catches the frisbee disc while standing in the endzone of the opposing team.


Rules Of The Ultimate Frisbee

Here is the list of important ultimate frisbee rules:

  • The first rule of Ultimate Frisbee that you need to know is that you can not hold the frisbee for more than 10 seconds. It must be thrown to another player of the team within 10 seconds.
  • There must be two teams; the one that is throwing the frisbee is the offense, while the other team is the defense.
  • To make a goal and earn a point, it is necessary that the player must catch the frisbee disk in the end zone of the defending team.
  • A really important rule of Ultimate Frisbee is that the player can not run while they have the frisbee disc in their hands.
  • When the frisbee disc does not make it into the hands of a team player on the offense team, it then goes into the possession of the defense team, and they become the offense.
  • A substitute player can be brought into the game to replace a player after a score.
  • The player must not come in contact with another player under any circumstances. Touching and pushing of any kind is prohibited and considered a foul.
  • There is no referee in a game of Ultimate Frisbee; it is a self-officiated game. In case of any dispute, the players must sort it out themselves.



What is the golden rule of Ultimate Frisbee?
The golden rule of Ultimate Frisbee is to treat each player fairly and how you expect to be treated. As a game of ultimate Frisbee does not involve any referees or umpires, it is upto each player of the game to ensure that a fair game is played without any fouls or prohibited acts.

What are the 2 types of catches in Ultimate Frisbee?
Similar to knowing how to throw the frisbee disc, knowing the art of catching the frisbee without any foul is also essential. The two types of catches are the double-handed catch and the single-handed catch. As their names indicate, the double-handed catch means catching the disc with one hand flat on each side. Meanwhile, the single-handed catch requires holding the disc with the thumb on the lower side and the fingers on the upper.