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Twister Rules – Learn how to play Twister

Twister Rules

Twister is an extremely fun game in which players become the play pieces on a life-sized mat. It has six rows of red, green, yellow, and blue circles. Twister comes with a spinner that determines what each player has to do. The players use their hands and feet to move on the mat according to what the spinner tells them. According to Twister rules, a player whose elbow or knee touches the mat loses, and whoever manages to stay on the mat without falling over, and with their elbows and knees away from the mat till the end wins the game. It is a game that attracts all adults and children alike as it doubles the fun by incorporating the human body as a play tool.

Since its inception in 1966, by Charles Foley, Twister became a fad phenomenon just like a hula hoop. Originally Foley named the game Pretzel but the toy industry accepted the idea and changed the name from Pretzel to Twister. Twister was a huge success and gained popularity among the masses and celebrities alike. But it also created controversy from its competitors who defamed it for calling it “sex in a box” due to its involvement of human bodies. Nevertheless, Twister remains a party game and has many expanded versions with specific rules for each expansion.
Gear up and dig more about the game’s requirements and objectives.



    Twister can be played among 2 – 4 players. You can also add more than 4 players to turn a simple game of Twister in a Twister tournament to make it more challenging and fun for everyone. However, Twister rules require the players to have:

  • 2-4 players
  • Twister mat
  • Spinner
  • Twister rule book


    It won’t be an exaggeration to say that a game of Twister requires the players to have as much fun as they can. While playing Twister, the referee spins the wheel and directs the players to move their hands/feet to a certain color. This creates an entangled web that complicates the movement of the other player. However, the only goal of Twister is to keep one’s elbows and knees away from the mat to keep playing. Whoever stays last on the mat wins the game.


    As mentioned before, Twister is a fun party game that brings out a kid in each person. There is no such rule book to calculate the score of players in the game because the last player standing on the mat wins by all means. However, Twister rules suggest that it is highly important to agree to what the referee says.


There are a few Twister rules that can help you be a good sport for the other players.

  • The referee maintains the rules of the game.
  • The referee has the last call at every turn.
  • One spot cannot be taken by two players.
  • If two players claim the same spot then the referee will decide who keeps the spot.
  • If a referee calls a color that a player is already on, then he uses the called-out foot/hand on the other spot of the same color.
  • If all six circles of one color are taken, then the referee spins again.
  • In a 2- player game, a spinner, and the referee is not required. Both players will take turns as instructed by the other player.




How do players stand on the mat?

While a game of Twister can be played with 2-4 players, it can also be played with more
than 4 players. However, a game of more than 4 players shall be played in teams. In a
two-player game, the players stand on opposite ends of the mat in front of each other. In a 4-player game, all players take their place on each side of the mat opposite to each other.

Is spinning required in a two-player game?
Twister rules suggest that a two-player game can be played without using the spinner and a referee. They can call each other out after their turns, instructing the other player to make a movement.