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Softball Rules – Learn How to Play Softball as a Beginner

Softball Rules

Softball is a game that is no different in many ways than the traditional baseball game. In fact, it is a modified form of baseball, which was evolved in late the 19th century, in the US. Having said that, certain softball rules lay down the major differences between the two games.

Meanwhile, some of these rules count in: a comparatively larger size of the ball, underhand pitching, small size of the bat, and many more. On that note, it becomes more convincing to learn a bit extra about this game. So without further ado, let’s get straight down to the detailed description of the game, its rules, and everything about how to play softball.


How to Play Softball

Requirements of Softball Game

Starting off with the details of the equipment and setup that is required for playing softball, we have a list of essentials that cover in with the game’s rules. So with that being said, let’s have a look at that:
First things first, there needs to be two teams with nine members in each, in order to play this game. Apart from that, the essentials in the field must include a pitching rubber, an infield, and an outfield.
As for the equipment, softball players must have 4 bases, (one out of which must be a home plate), a softball bat, and gloves; that too for each fielder as well.

What is the Objective/Goal of Playing Softball

The main objective of the game is to reach the base after striking the ball with a softball bat. If the fielder manages the hit the base prior to the striker’s reaching, then it would be considered as an out for the batsman.
That said, the goal is to make it back to the position. So once you get back to that, you get 1 added to your scorecard. And that leads us to another aspect of softball-ing, which is its science of scoring. Let’s have a look at that:


As mentioned a bit about it already, the criterion for scoring is in this way that the first mandatory thing to be done to make it is to hit the ball. Without making a strike, you cannot run infield. In fact, if you miss out on your strike, then you’d be considered out.
That being said, in order to make 1 run, you have to run around the bases and end up on the base plate. Adding to this, you can make this running possible with the help of your team member as well.

How to Win

As per the softball rules, winners are decided after seven complete innings of both teams. In addition to that, it is decided after considering the scorecard. The team with the higher score wins the match!


Rules of the Softball

After having everything worked out, let’s have a recap of all of it and have a summary of what softball rules are. So without further ado, let’s get down to it:

▸ The first and foremost rule of the game is that each team must comprise of nine members. In addition to that, these members can be both male and female, or even mixed.

▸ The game lasts for seven innings, where each of it is split into top and bottom sections. With that being said, both the teams play once in each inning, and then the sides are changed.

▸ Coming to the fielding order, there is a pitcher, catcher, and a player on the first base, second base, third base, three deep fielders, and shortstop in each team.

▸ As for the batters, they need to run through each base and reach the home plate back, after striking the ball. Adding to this, in order to score a run, the batter needs to reach every plate before the fielder hits it.

▸ On the flip side, the fielders can stop the batter from scoring a run by tagging any of the bases, by missing or catching the ball, or simply by tagging the player.

▸ If the ball crosses the third and first baseline, then it would be counted as a foul. And as a result of that, the ball is considered dead; hence follows it with a new delivery.

▸ Lastly, for the home run to be scored, you need to hit the ball over the outfield or into the dead ball area. That way, you can run around the bases, along with another batsman as well.

So these were all of the major rules of softball! I hope you’ve got an idea of how everything goes, by now.



What is softball and how it is played?
Softball is just like baseball, with some minor differences. Firstly, it involves 9 players in each of the two teams. Following this, both the teams have to make runs until three of the batters are down. In the end, the team with more scores wins.

What is the hardest position to play in softball?
The most difficult position to play in softball is the shortstop. It’s the point where one has to be the perfect fielder with proper fielding and catching techniques. With that being said, you need versatile players to handle this position.