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Scrabble Rules – Learn How to Play Scrabble

Scrabble Rules

Scrabble is a conventional word game that aims to get the most points by playing and creating words on the board. It is a fun game in which you have to make new words by connecting them with the existing words by your competitive players. According to scrabble rules, there should be at least two players to play this game and a scrabble board along with its pieces.

As you start playing and making words in scrabble, you will gain more points and challenge your opponent. You can even replace your tiles with your fellow players if they are of no use to you. Each tile is labeled with a score, and as you put them on the board, you have totally and add them. In the end, each player’s total points are determined to see who won the game.

It is a pretty exciting and entertaining game, but many people may not know how to play it. If you are one of them, you’re at the right site. Here, I will guide you about scrabble rules, goals, and some tips to win. So, let’s dig in.


Scrabble Playing Guide

What do you need?

Scrabble is a classical board game that does not require so many pieces of equipment; still, you need to have some components in order to play this game. Therefore, below are some requirements to obtain.

A Board
A regular scrabble board consists of 225 cells or boxes that are located within another large square grid. These cells are positioned in a particular form; 15 cells in a vertical position and 15 in a horizontal position. Upon this board, the scrabble tiles are being fit within each cell to play the game.

The Tiles
Then comes the scrabble tiles, which are 100 in total. These tiles are used in the game to create new words. Each tile is labeled with different alphabetical letters except for the two of them. These two tiles are left blank that can be used as any letter. Other than a letter, there is a score written on each tile as well, depending upon the rareness and importance of the letter. Yet, you won’t get any score with the blank tiles.

A Bag
A scrabble bag comes in a pouch-like shape, which is only required to put all tiles in it and shake them well. Then the player has to pick out seven tiles randomly from the bag.

Scrabble Objective

Essentially, the objective of scrabble is to gain maximum points than the opponent by creating joining words on the scrabble board in crossword form. You have to go with the whole strategy to achieve a score using the letter tiles to form words. Each tile carries a different score. However, by making words using tiles with the maximum score along with some tactics, you get a chance to win.

How to Win Scrabble Smartly?

While playing, you will see some cells offer multipliers on the board. However, when you place tiles on these cells, the value of the tile will be twice or thrice the value of the tile. Yet, some boxes only allow you to multiply the overall word’s point instead of a single value of the tile.

Below, I have discussed different scenarios when you’ll get a chance to double or triple your score.
• There are isolated light blue cells on board. When you place a tile on them, they will be twice the value of the placed tile.
• Then, the dark blue boxes on the board are used similarly, but your letter points will be triple instead of double.
• You will also see the light red/pink squares on the board, which run diagonally towards each corner. If you place a tile on them and make a word, the value of the whole world will be doubled.
• The Scrabble board also consists of a few dark red cells located on the board’s edges only. When you complete any word in this box, the value of the whole word becomes triple.
• Once you have used this cell to make a word, the same cell won’t be used for another word because it is only there for single use.


Stepwise Guide on How to Play Scrabble?

Scrabble is an easy game that delivers great fun and entertainment while playing. The basic rule to play this game is the requirement of scrabble components and 2 to 4 players. Yet, if you don’t know how to play this game, follow the steps mentioned below and play like a pro.

Step 1: Determine who will initiate
First of all, you should decide which player will start the game. Each player will randomly put out the scrabble tile to determine this, and the person who will get the most initial alphabet will start. For instance, if two people are about to play, one of them gets the letter D, and another comes up with the letter H, the one with the D will initiate the game.

Step 2: Draw the tiles
The person who will initiate the play will be called player 1, who will draw the tiles first in a clockwise direction. Each player must bring seven tiles from the bag, and most importantly, you should not show what letters you’ve got. However, it is advised to draw one tile at a time. Once you’re done, give the bag to the opponent, and he/she will repeat the process.

Step 3: Play the word.
Player 1 will begin making words by placing one tile on the star square in the center. You can make words in both horizontal and vertical directions, but not diagonally. However, you must make your first word of at least two letters. If you remain unable to make a word, you will miss your turn.
Scrabble Rule: The player cannot skip two turns consecutively.
Once player one has played all of his seven tiles, it will be the second player’s turn. And the process will be the same.

Step 4: Build existing words.
The game will continue by building new words through the existing ones. With each turn, you can create new words by connecting them with the already existing words on the board. However, you cannot start making a new word from any blank area, but connecting existing tiles is crucial. Remember, the word you make must be valid and acceptable. Otherwise, you may lose your turn.
Scrabble Rule: All letters played must touch at least one letter which is already on the board.

Step 5: Replace unwanted tiles
There is a time when you will be remaining with some tiles that are not required. In this situation, you can replace these tiles with other tiles. But don’t forget to pick the next tiles wisely. You can just throw your tiles into the bag that you want to exchange, shake them, and pick out other random tiles. This action will be counted as your turn.
Scrabble Rule: You must draw tiles that consist of an equal score of the tiles you want to replace.

Step 6: Tally the score
When the first player has completed his turn, he will tally the number on a piece of paper. You can find these numbers from the tiles. Add numbers of each tile with each other, and that will be your word score. In the end, the player with the greatest points will win the game.


Rules of Scrabble

Scrabble has developed several rules and principles that should be followed while playing the game. Below are some important scrabble rules and guidelines to play this sport appropriately.
▸ All tiles should be put in the scrabble pouch and the drawn tiles should be placed in a face-down position.
▸ Players are not allowed to make absurd or uncertain words that are not available in the scrabble dictionary.
▸ If the player plays all seven tiles in a single turn, he will be awarded 50 additional points.
▸ The player cannot skip two turns consecutively.
▸ All letters played must touch at least one letter which is already on the board.
▸ If the player exchanges his tiles with the new one, he must draw tiles that consist of an equal score of the tiles he wants to replace.

Scrabble Letter Values List

Although the scores are already given on the tiles, you still need to know about the value of each letter.

Scrabble Letters No. of Tiles Points
Blank Tile 2 0
A 9 1
B 2 3
C 2 3
D 4 2
E 12 1
F 2 4
G 3 2
H 2 4
I 9 1
J 1 8
K 1 5
L 4 1
M 2 3
N 6 1
O 8 1
P 2 3
Q 1 10
R 6 1
S 4 1
T 6 1
U 4 1
V 2 4
W 2 4
X 1 8
Y 2 4
Z 1 10


What are some new additions to scrabble?
Numerous words have been added to the scrabble official dictionary, which includes some exclusive words such as emoji, frowny, twerk, botnet, etc.

Can I make the “OK” word in scrabble?
OK is one of the new additions that has become legal to play in scrabble.

Can I play diagonal words in scrabble?
No! Making diagonal words is not allowed in scrabble. You can only make words in a vertical or horizontal direction.