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Lacrosse Rules – How to Play Lacrosse

Lacrosse Rules

This article incorporates the basic concept of lacrosse as a sport and its major rules and regulations that the players have to follow.
Lacrosse is basically an invention of Americans and has its origins from the time when men would participate in wars and this was a sort of training. However, today it has become a popular sport that is played worldwide as it brings so much fun and is a healthy physical activity too. The basics of the game may seem somewhat similar to that of football, apparently. There is a proper ground and teams who have to make goals. Whereas, the defender has to stop the ball, thrown by the opposite team, from entering the goal. You gain points upon making goals.


How to Play Lacrosse

As discussed above, lacrosse is one of the most fun and interesting games to play with proper teams and following proper rules. If you love playing or watching sports then you must learn about Lacrosse as it is as interesting as any other sport. In this game, there is a proper ground similar to the football ground. The ground is known as the field. A stick and a lacrosse ball are what you will need to play this game.
There are proper teams with a specific number of players. Apart from that, the length of the field also varies for different age groups. For instance, its maximum length is 120 yards for grownups. Moreover, there are various kinds of penalties too. For example, illegal sticks, cross-checks, etc are some of the penalties in lacrosse.


The concept of sticks is quite interesting in this game. There are basically two different types of sticks in lacrosse. One is called the long stick while the other one is known as the short stick. The long stick is almost 72 inches long whereas the short stick is around a maximum of 42 inches.
Apart from that, not every member of the team can have long sticks. There is a limitation of only four people at a time who are allowed to have it. The goalie can also have it at the same time but the rest of the players are restricted. Plus, throwing and catching are some of the required skills in lacrosse.


The major aim in the game is to score more than the other team by hitting the ball in the opponent team’s goal. Just like you hit the goals in football, you do the same in lacrosse. However, the major difference lies in the fact that football is played with your feet whereas in lacrosse, you make use of the stick that has a net to catch the ball. The basic purpose is to not let the other team have that ball so that they cannot hit the goal either. So, the more goals you make, the more scores you will get and this is actually the target in the game. One goal equals one point.


The scoring in this game depends simply upon the number of goals you make. In lacrosse, one goal means gaining one point. However, in the major league, you are awarded two points for each goal. Attract area is the place from where you can make more scores. The goalkeeper, midfielder, or any other player can score in this game. All one needs to do is to enter the ball in the goal area of the opposite team.

How To Win

To win this game, try to stay away from penalties and score the highest points. Moreover, communication with the team is the key to winning this game. Anyone who uses bad language or fights with any member is thrown out of the game. The penalties include a technical penalty and other minor penalties. In minor penalties, the player has to leave the ground for a few seconds to minutes.



Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many steps can you take in lacrosse?
    Many games have this limitation where the footsteps count and it makes things much more difficult. However, in lacrosse, there is no such thing as limited steps. The player can take the steps without any restriction.

  2. What is illegal in lacrosse?

    Misbehaving and hurting other players is illegal in lacrosse. Moreover, it also has penalties of different types upon violation of the rules. Hitting or harming any player is illegal.

  3. What counts as a goal in lacrosse?

    The idea of a goal in lacrosse is the same as that in football. All you need to do is to hit the ball into the net of the opponent. If their goalkeeper is unable to stop the ball then this will count as your goal and points will be given to you. There are a few other concepts too regarding the goal. For example, the idea of ‘two points.



Lacrosse is a simple and easy-to-understand professional sport. The game is extremely fun and interesting and has its proper set of rules. To play this game, one must understand its rules and then practice it. The game has also been played at the Olympics. So, if you are really into sports, here are some of the basic and important points regarding lacrosse that will help you to understand it in a better way.