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Field Hockey Rules – Learn How to Play Field Hockey

Field Hockey Rules
Ice Hockey aka Hockey originating from Montreal in the 19th century has become one of the most viral sports across the globe. If you are interested to play this game, you might need to get around certain hockey rules. Ice hockey rules are not that difficult to learn especially if you are interested in the game.

How to Play Hockey

Generally, the game is played between two teams having six players each. There must be a proper ice rink so that the players could skate easily. The main objective, on the other hand, is to put the puck inside the goalpost of the opponent’s team.


  • The game’s primary requirement is to have two teams facing each other in a hockey rink.
  • For those who don’t know, a rink is a field made for ice hockey, skating, and other ice games.
  • Apart from that, each team must have 6 players one goalkeeper or a goalie, two defenders, and three forwards.
  • That said, the formation of players could change depending on whether they are aggressive or have a defensive style.
  • In addition to these requirements, a player must be properly uniformed with helmets, skates, ice hockey sticks, gloves, body pads, mouthguards, and neck protectors.
  • Furthermore, there is a small disc-shaped object called a puck played between the players and they must move it and get it past the goalpost to score a point.

Do remember that an ice hockey game lasts for about 60 minutes with three 20-minute intervals of gameplay separated by stoppage time.


  • The main objective in ice hockey is to score more points than that of the opponent’s team.
  • Whenever a player is successful in getting past the puck in a goalpost, it’s regarded as one point.
  • Similarly, in ice hockey players also get rewarded for making an assist.
  • After the game ends, the total goals and assists of one team must be more than the other for it to win the game.
  • In case both teams have the same points at the end of 60 minutes of gameplay, the game is extended to overtime. Thus, you will be getting extra time to score a winner for your team.
  • All in all, the main objective is to beat the goalie of the opponent’s team and move the puck inside the goalpost.


As mentioned before already, both the assists and goals of a team are kept on record to calculate the final points.

  • The Scoring system might differ in some regions, but in the Official NHL league, the total points are based on the overall goals and assist made.
  • According to hockey rules, one point is awarded for each goal or assist made. So, if you set up your partner for a goal or you are successful in getting past the puck inside the goal line, you will score one point.
  • Teams are also awarded an extra point in case the game gets into overtime for determining the winner.

How To Win Hockey

Always remember that ice hockey is a team game and for that purpose, you will need to contribute to it accordingly.

  • To win the game, first, you should work on improving your stamina. Along with that, do daily practice to shoot the pucks inside the goalpost.
  • Other than that, find a position in which you are comfortable playing. It could either be a defenseman, a forward, or a goalie. Utilize your strength to determine your position and then conquer the ice hockey world accordingly.
  • The next step involves planning a proper strategy to win a game. Your coach will guide you about different plans to undermine your opponent. Listen to your coaches carefully and try to replicate whatever they want you to do.
  • Work on your footwork individually and try to move the puck as fast as possible on the field. Try dodging the opponent players and focus on scoring as many goals as possible.
  • At the end of the day, if you are a goalie, work on your reflexes as they will help you stop the puck coming from the opponent’s player.
  • Don’t forget that you will not become a professional in one day. Remember, “Rome was not built in a day”. Work on making yourself every day on individual and team levels to stand a chance of winning against opponent teams.


Rules Of Hockey

Here is the list of important Hockey Rules:

  • Only the goalie or goaltender has the authority to catch or touch the puck physically.
  • Just two players are allowed inside the circle during a faceoff.
  • A delay of the game will result in a 2-minute minor penalty. Players are not allowed to delay or waste time during the gameplay.
  • Playing puck with a stick higher than the shoulder is not allowed. It will result in another faceoff starting where the puck was last played.
  • In case of the offside, the other team will start playing the puck from their half accordingly.
  • Overtime of 5 minutes is provided if a game leads to a draw. If it still remains undecided, both teams will decide based on a shootout.
  • Playing in a proper jersey and uniform is a must for every player.



What are the basic rules for hockey?
The basic hockey rules include scoring a goal past the goaltender into the goalpost and the team with the most points wins. Any violation of certain rules may result in misconduct, minor, and a major penalty. The team must have 6 players including a goalie, two defensemen, and three forwards.

Can I play hockey without the proper equipment?
You cannot play hockey without equipment such as helmets, skates, hockey sticks, shoulder pads, mouthguards, and neck protectors, etc. The game has a high pace and you will hurt yourself if you decide to play it without any protection.

Who can touch the puck and not get penalized?
Only the goaltender can touch the puck or stop it from entering the goalpost. Any other player who touches the puck abruptly will be penalized with a minor offense.