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Darts Rules – Learn How to Play Darts

Darts Rules

Darts is an indoor game that can be played between individuals or teams. It is a target game in which the feathered darts are thrown on a circular board with numbered spaces. This game is ideal for people of every age and gender despite their physical levels.
This game was introduced approximately 700 years before, but modern darts were invented by a carpenter in 1896. The objective of this game was not only entertainment but to enhance the throwing skills. Nevertheless, as time passed, this game gained much popularity, and it was first played officially during the 1920s.



The setup of darts is straightforward and does not demand many requirements. Still, some regulations should be followed to play darts professionally.

You need:
◦ A dartboard
◦ A set of three darts
◦ A dart scoreboard
◦ A wall to hand the board

▶ Remember, a dartboard must be hung above 5’8″ above from the floor to the inner bullseye.

▶ The distance between the player and the dartboard varies according to the dart tips.
◦ 8’0″ with a soft tip
◦ 7’9 ¼ “with steel tip

▶ You should hang the dart scoreboard near the dartboard for quick access.

Objective of the Darts Game

This sport aims to decrease the fixed score to zero, which usually starts from 501 or 301. However, the final dart should be landed on the bullseye or double segment in order to win the game. But, it is not necessary to throw all three darts on the final turn. You can either complete the game by throwing any of the darts.

For instance, if you play the 501 darts version, your main objective should be to check by reducing your score to up to 50 or less before the game ends. The person who reaches the zero score first wins the game.

Darts Scoring

For many beginners, the scoring dart rules could be pretty complicated. Therefore, you should understand the dartboard first to get precise information about the points.
• The smallest red circle is called an inner bullseye worth 50 points.
• The green circle is called an outer bullseye worth 25 points.
• There is a triple ring that is worth three times the points of the number.
• The double ring is worth two times the points.
• All the black spaces between the rings are the single scoring areas worth the number that’s written on them.
• The outermost black ring is a 0 scoring area which means you would neither gain nor lose any point.

How to Win Darts?

To win the darts game, the player must reach zero scores by throwing darts on the doubles ring or bullseye in order to achieve the lowest score first. If he wins the leg and the first to three legs wins the set. Usually, most matches are considered the best of sets. It means the player with the maximum best off matches accomplishes the sport’s prize. In the PDC World Championship, there is a rule of best of 13, out of which the player who minimum wins seven matches wins the game.


Rules of Darts

The basic darts rules are pretty straightforward. The player only has to follow a few principles to play this sport efficiently. Some critical determinations are mentioned below to follow:
• In order to decide which player will get the first turn, the two players throw each dart on the dartboard. And the player who has thrown the dart nearest to the bullseye will go first.
• One throw consists of three darts unless the game is accomplished in fewer.
• If the darts, once thrown on the dartboard, bounce off or fall from the board won’t be considered and cannot be thrown again.
• If the player has scored more than his remaining points in total, his throw will be canceled, and he will score zero.
• For instance, if the player is left with 16 points and he hits on the 20 with his first dart, he won’t be allowed to throw his next dart, and his turn will be completed.
• Remember, darts must be thrown from the marked tow-line, known as the oche. This line should be at least 7’9 ¼” away from the dartboard.

301 Darts Rules

• In the 301 darts game, the players cannot start subtracting their scores until they hit one of the double sections.
• On the dartboard, including the inner bullseye, all players must end the game with a double out; for example, if a player has 40 points left in the end, then the player must hit a double 20 to win.
• For example, if the player hits a single 20 now then, this player should hit a double 10 in the next turn to win. However, if that player hits more than 10 points, then he has lost his turn.
• A winning throw must be reduced to zero exactly. So now, that player’s turn is over, and another player will resume with the same score he or she started with their last throw.

501 Darts Rules

• In a 501 darts game, all players or teams start with 501 points.
• Unlike the 301 games, there are no restrictions, and the players can hit any number.
• Each team or player subtracts the amount they score from the amount they have left to win the 501 darts game.
• Teams or players will need to double out to reach 0 like in the 301 games.
• For instance, if a player has 36 points left in the end, then a player will need to hit a double 18 to win.
• Let’s say if player B has 45 points remaining, he or she must hit a double 20 in a single 5 or any other similar combination to win.



How can I practice aiming with darts?
To aim in the darts, you should expel it to your dominant eye and make a direct sightline between the dart, your eye, and the particular target before throwing. You must adjust your posture and the oche as per the target’s location on the dartboard.

Is there any trick to hit the bullseye?
Straighten your hand in a line from toe to the eye and keep your forearm perpendicular and biceps horizontal. Stay straight and accelerate your arm. Then with a releasing point about 2/3rd of the way into the throw.

Who are the top five darts players in the world?
Below is the list of the five excellent darts players of all time:
• Phil Taylor
• Michael van Gerwen
• Raymond van Barneveld
• Eric Bristow
• John Lowe



Darts is an incredible sport with versatile players and remarkable history, which has left some spectacular styles and records from certain players. The game is pleasurable and easy to play. All you need to do is to understand some of its rules and practice frequently to make your throw efficient. However, if you’re still muddled regarding anything, head towards our frequently asked questions to eliminate your confusion.