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Chess Rules – Learn How To Play Chess

Chess Rules

Chess is also known as “The Game of Kings”, chess is one of the most ancient yet most popular games played across the globe. Compared to other games, chess requires proper understanding and knowledge, and only then you can think of winning it against your opponent. As far as the chess rules are concerned, they will not bother you much and you can learn them in a single go.

However, winning at chess is not a piece of cake for everyone. You will surely need experience, high intellect, and some clever moves before you can call yourself a Chess Expert.
We are here today to highlight the basic requirements of chess along with its objective, the basic understanding of how to play chess as well as its general rules.
If you want to learn this game from scratch, we recommend giving this article a thorough read.


How to Play Chess as a Beginner?

Although chess could be played online these days, the real essence of it is when you play it with a real chessboard and against a real opponent.
We will get started with some basic requirements of the game and continue our discussion accordingly:

Requirements of Chess

To enjoy the game in its real essence, you will need to get a vinyl chessboard. It’s a basic board with all numberings and boxes illustrated. In the meanwhile, you will also need to get all the pieces of the chessboard including some extra queens.

The second important component of the game is to get yourself a chess clock. With the advancement in technology, you can rely on an android or iOS chess clock. However, if you want to experience the game from a real perspective, you will need to purchase a proper chess clock.
Remember, chess is always played between two players. There is no other player involved in the gameplay. So, apart from yourself, you will need one other player to play the game.

Moreover, keeping a bag is also a necessity where you can store your board and chess pieces after the game ends.
Last but not the least, you as well as the other player must know the basic rules of chess.
You cannot enjoy playing the game as far as you or your opponent do not have the basic understanding of how chess is played.


The major objective of chess is that you either win the game from your opponent or draw it depending upon the circumstances. Similarly, the second most important objective of the game is to “Checkmate” the opponent’s King piece.

Now, you might ask, what actually is checkmate?
To state it in simple words, “Checkmate is when the opponent’s King is in check of your pieces and it does not have any legal way to get out of it.”
On the other side, you will also need to keep your pieces safe from getting defeated. Always remember, the more pieces you have, the better chances you can avail to suppress your opponent.

Moving forward, you will also need to understand and develop all the pieces according to their full potential. Only then will you be able to exploit your opponent in the best possible manner.
Along with other objectives, you should keep your King safe at all costs. If that piece gets a checkmate, it’s GAME OVER for you.
Finally, you should be able to control the center of a chessboard as most of the action starts from there. The player having a controlled center with an improved pawn structure has the Final Laugh in the end. (Pun Intended)

Chess Points

The scoring system in chess is kinda complex but let us explain it to you in simple words:
Traditionally, the winner of each game was awarded 1 point followed by a draw which was awarded 0.5 points. Losing the game meant a player will get 0 points.

However, the modern-day chess points system has been modified, and it’s now similar to the soccer points. Now, if a player wins the game, he/she is awarded 3 points, meanwhile, a draw is awarded 1 point followed by a defeat which remains still at 0 points.
The 3-1-0 system thus encourages the players to play for the win instead of a draw. That’s because players with one win and one defeat will still have more points (3) than a player with two draws (2).
That’s how scoring works in chess!

How to Win at Chess?

This is where things will get complicated.
Chess consists of two sets of pieces, one with black color and one with white. The player who plays white gets the first turn.
Now, there are no hard and fast rules to win chess just like other sports, but you can learn some tricks and techniques to play for a win.

Some of them include:
You must know how every piece moves and then set up your game accordingly. That said, learning the moves would help you to have a better chance of undermining your opponent.
For instance, it’s a no-brainer that a pawn moves straight and its attack is limited to one square at a time. Similarly, a knight can move in an L-shape direction followed by a bishop that can move at a certain angle only.
The rook or commonly called the castle in chess can move only in a straight line. However, you can move it back to the side or forward. The queen is the most powerful piece of chess and it can move in every direction.
The King, at last, moves as a real king does, i.e., one square ahead.
Apart from learning the moves, you should always open your game by moving a pawn. Before you start tweaking the queen, rook, or king, it’s better to get out the knights and the bishops first.
Try reading the gameplay of your opponent and always ask yourself this question that, “Why did he make this move?” before you plan out your next move.

Similarly, you should look out for ways to checkmate the opponent’s King. Once it’s done, your opponent will forfeit the game within a moment.
That said, now’s the time that we take a look at some basic rules of chess as follows:


Rules of Chess

▸ The queen being the most powerful piece can move in any direction both straight and diagonally.

▸ Similarly, the rook may move in a straight line both horizontally and vertically.

▸ Bishop can move diagonally without any limitation on number of squares.

▸ The Knight has the royalty to jump over a piece even if it’s your own to make a move.

▸ Pawn, on the other hand, can move straight forward and that too only one or two squares.

▸ Checkmate happens when the King cannot legally move out from the check. The game is forfeited and the one who gets checkmated loses.

▸ Stalemate or draw means each player will get one point only.

▸ In chess, the whites always start the game followed by the blacks.


Frequently Asked Questions

How ancient is Chess?
Chess is traced 1500 years back in India where it was known as Chaturanga. From there, the game spread in Persia and the Muslim Word got its hold. Up until now, it’s one of the most popular sports played in different countries of the world with proper tournaments and championships.

How many players are required to play chess?
Chess is played between two players only.

What are 16 pieces in chess called?
Each player gets 16 pieces each to lay down the gameplay. The pieces consist of one queen, one king, two rooks, two bishops, two knights, and eight pawns.


Final Takeaways

Chess offers a perfect way to exercise the brain cells as the game consists of a plethora of moves and different techniques. Understanding its basics won’t be a hurdle for you after reading this article.
However, you will need to practice different techniques and moves if you want to checkmate your opponent in a single go. Make sure that you at least get a chessboard with all its set pieces to practice the game with other players whenever you get time.