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Badminton Rules – Learn How To Play Badminton

Badminton Rules

Badminton is a court game played between two players with the help of lightweight rackets and a shuttlecock. It is a fascinating sport in which the players have to hit the shuttlecock through the rackets across the net. According to the badminton rules, the most basic game is played between two players, it can be played between double pairs(four players) as well.

This sport has been played since the 16th century. Back then, the shuttlecock was commonly known as the bird which flies from one racket to another. Although it is an outdoor game, many people still play it indoors. This game was highlighted from Olympics events and became pretty popular in Asian countries such as India and China. These countries also hold the world’s best badminton players.

Basically, the fundamental aim of badminton is to strike the shuttlecock with the racket to pass it through the net and land it on the opponent’s land. However, the opponent has to prevent it from falling on the ground. If the shuttle is dropped on the ground, you’ll get one score. The player with maximum points wins the match. Your competitor has the same goal, to hit the cock on your land and win the rally.

Anyhow, if you are fond of playing badminton and decide to play it officially, you must know about the basic but crucial badminton rules. Therefore, I have explained each step in detail.

Badminton Requirements
In order to play badminton, the players need some pieces of equipment, which include a shuttlecock, one racket for each player, and a net. The rackets are used to hit the shuttle from one end to another across the new. And the net is inserted in the center of the two players that should be 5 feet high.


Rules of Badminton and Playing Guide

The official Badminton World Federation has set several rules to play badminton professionally. Therefore, if you have been practicing this sport to contribute officially, you should know about its rules and principles.

In badminton, the first serving should be started from below the waist height and serve diagonally into their opponent’s area. Each player must remain still until the service is made.
However, badminton is played in two manners:

Singles Play
The singles play badminton involves one player on each side of the net. When the game starts, both players’ scores are even, i.e., zero, the player will start from the correct court. However, if the score is odd, the service will be made from the left court.

The player who wins the rally and successfully hits the shuttle on the opponent’s ground will score a point. On the other hand, if the competitive player wins the rally in the same way, he will gain a point. In short, if the score is even, the cock will be served from the right. If it is even, it will be hit from the left. At last, the player with maximum rallies and points will win the game.

Doubles Play
It is a different style of play that is usually played professionally. In this play, four players are involved, two on each side, who strive together to accomplish the shuttle and defeat the opponents. Anyhow, the two sides of badminton are named A and B.

When the game begins, and the score is even on both sides, the shuttle is served from the right court and vice versa. If the servers win the rally, they will gain one point and serve again. Yet, if the receiving side achieves the rally, they will score points and become the new servers. Briefly, the team that wins the rally will be scoring and serving. The players are bound to play on their specific courtside until they reach a point and become the new servers.

Scoring System

Both single and double plays are evaluated based on the best of three matches. In this manner, three tournaments are performed, and the side or team who wins two of them accomplishes the game. Conversely, the side that gains 21 points wins the game, and the winning side gets the chance to serve.
If both teams gain 20-20 points, there must be two clear points in the next serving to win the game. However, if both reach 29-29, the first team that makes the 30th point will win.

Intervals and Replacements

▸ A 60-second interval is allowed when the score reaches 11 points.
▸ Since three matches occurred, a 2-minute break between each game is allowed.
▸ In the last match, the players are enabled to replace their ends, but only when the score reaches 11.

Errors and Faults

If any players make any fault or go against the badminton rules, zero points will be scored. These common liabilities happen if:
▸ The player steps forward while serving the cock.
▸ Any of the players tricks the opponent before or during the serving.
▸ The shuttle is hit higher than the waist of the server.
▸ The shuttlecock does not land in the right service court.
▸ Hitting the shuttle twice in a row.
▸ The shuttle hits the net on the player’s side and does not cross the net.
▸ Any of the players touches or hits the net or its sides while the cock in the play.
▸ The server or receiver’s feet are out of the service court during the play.
▸ A shot falls outside the court boundaries, hits any obstacles or player’s body, or passes through or under the net on the opponent’s ground.

Quick Tips to Win the Game

Well, there are several tactics and strategies to adopt to win the badminton game. Since badminton is all about position and posture control, I have mentioned a few quick tips to help you accomplish your target.

Keep Bounce in your Steps
If you avoid bouncing while hitting the shuttle, you are less likely to return the shots. However, stay within your shoes and adopt bouncing skills to and fro. Doing this will help you play in a more flexible motion and provide you with the ability to jump, particularly on long distances.

Develop your Backhand
If you work on your backhand, you will be able to grip the racket more reliably. However, the difference between the forehand and the backhand is the placement of the thumb. To develop a backhand, you need to place your thumb upwards along with the grip and point it towards the racket head.

Play Strategically
If you want to play like a pro, you need to plan your every step. You should understand sensibly how to play your next shot in order to make your opponent move to the place where you want them to be. Then hit the next shot and defeat them.

Master Different Serving Styles
You should become proficient in different serving styles to show your opponent a new move each time. Each style delivers a different function, some drive your competitor back, and some force them to come close to the net. Playing in various ways will confuse your rival and increase your chance to win the match.



What is a rally in badminton?
A rally is gained when the shuttlecock touches over the net on the opponent’s court. And it is lost if the shuttle touches anywhere the player. The team who gains the rally gets the point.

What happens if I miss the shuttle while serving?
If you try to serve the shuttlecock and miss it, it will be considered as a fault.

Who serves first in a badminton game?
Anyone! You can decide who will serve first. Or else, you can throw the cock in the air by standing in the center and see which side the shuttle fell. That side would have to start over.

Bottom Line

Now that you’ve got an idea about the basic badminton rules and a detailed guideline on how to play this sport, you can register yourself by visiting the official BWF website for playing this sport officially. I hope the information remains useful. So, what are you waiting for? Obtain some influential strategies to beat your opponent and play like a pro.